datapasta 3.1.1 Unreleased

  • Compatibility with {rstudioapi} emulation in VSCode.
  • Fixed Datetime handling for data piped to dpasta
  • Column names in backticks in piped tables now work as per clipboard. (Thanks @sharlagelfand)

datapasta 3.1.0 ‘Leave to Simmer’ 2020-01-17

  • Exported _format functions
  • Adds dt_paste function for pasting as data.table (Thanks @jonocarroll, #72, closes #70)
  • Row names are kept in data.frames and data.tables (Thanks @sowla)
  • Column names that are invalid are now handled with backticks (Thanks @sharlagelfand)
  • Fixes issue with commas inside character vectors getting wrapped on
  • data.frame (and data.table) print is much prettier and robust with all args and cols aligned on ‘=’
  • zero row tibbles are supported with a fall-back to a tibble::tibble() call
  • all _construct functions now return input visibly
  • Fallback behaviour added to allow usage with remote R sessions like RStudio Server/Cloud, or ssh command line. See ‘datapasta in the cloud’ vignette. (Thanks @gadenbuie, @jonthegeek)

datapasta 3.0.0 ‘Colander Helmet’ 2018-01-24

  • When pasting from clipboard it now attempts to guess if there is no header row, in the case where the clipboard is all data. If you’re lucky it will create a default header for you when pasting (V1, V2, V3 etc.).
  • dpasta() will now handle tribbles with R classes that cannot be represented in tribble form. It falls back to their character representation. This works well for things like dates.
  • New addin: ‘Fiddle Selection’. This is a kind of magic wand that can be waved over RStudio editor selections to: Reflow messy tribble and data.frame definitions, create c() expressions from raw data, and pivot c() exprs between vertical and horizontal format.
  • New addin: ‘Toggle Vector Quotes’. Given a horizontal or vertical c() expr, it will toggle all elements between quoted and bare format.
  • Complies with new CRAN policy on clipboard use. You cannot write to the clipboard in non-interactive sessions with dmdclip() - Why would you?. Tests containing clipboard use are skipped on CI and CRAN.

datapasta 2.0.1 Unreleased

  • Added a trailing newline after all pastes, this works much nicer for console output.
  • Fixed handling of backslashes. Relying on built-in function deparse() for escaping chars that need it.

datapasta 2.0.0 ‘Fusilli Jerry’ 2017-03-26

  • Added the ability to parse objects from R and output as neatly formatted tibbles, dataframes and vectors with dpasta. The clipboard is not involved.
  • Added the ability to send these same types of objects to the clipboard formatted for markdown output with dmdclip.
  • Package can now operate in a close to fully featured way in editors other than RStudio. Output goes to console rather than cursor.
  • Added hooks for output customisation with _construct() functions that return the formatted output as an R character vector.
  • The decimal mark can be set for numeric data with dp_set_decimal_mark.
  • User can now paste natural looking comma separated lists as vectors, with automatic comma-splitting and whitespace trimming.

datapasta 1.1.0 ‘CopyPesto’ 2017-01-09

  • Added df_paste() which pastes a table from the clipboard using a nicely formatted call to data.frame() rather than tribble()
  • Better handling for empty lines that get accidentally copied onto clipboard with table. Gracefully ignored.

datapasta 1.0.0 2016-11-29

  • Added new addin ‘Paste as vector (vertical)’ to provide nicer formatting for long lists.
  • All addins now guess data types and format correctly in the source editor.
  • Empty rows in tables and empty cells in lists are formatted as NA’s when pasting instead of being ignored.
  • Added vignette, automated tests etc in prep for CRAN submission.

datapasta 0.2 Unreleased

  • Added graceful error handling on failed parse of text on clipboard to table.
  • tribble_paste() and vector_paste() now pastes NA’s as unquoted, so R will parse as proper NA.
  • tribble_paste() can parse an paste table text copied from raw delimited file e.g. csv, tsv, pipe delimited, semi-colon delimited.
  • vector_paste() uses a space between elements.

datapasta 0.1.1 Unreleased

  • Added a file to track changes to the package.
  • Fixed the handling of NAs in tab delimited files which resulted in phantom NA columns sometimes appearing with tribble_paste()